Universal Precautions

Like well trained doctors and nurses who work closely with patients, wear gloves to protect you and your recipient. The gloves must be worn when you are changing a dressing, bathing a recipient, changing and washing bed linens and intimates laundry. Gloves are required to be worn whenever you may come into contact with bodily fluids or blood. They are also necessary if you are administering paramedical services, such as Diabetes Glucose testing. Wash your hands vigorously with hot water and soap, then dry them off completely before putting on a pair of gloves. Before discarding a pair of gloves when you are finished with your tasks, wash them off with hot water and soap and then dry them off. Remove a glove by grasping the inside wrist edge and pulling it back over your palm towards your fingertips. The glove should roll off inside out. Remove gloves slowly to prevent snapping and breakage. Wash your hands vigorously with hot water and soap, then dry them off completely.

Breathe Easier

Caregivers also wear gloves when using cleaning products. The gloves protect caregivers from  allergic reactions and rashes. Remember to open a window and use a fan to direct fumes away from you and your recipient. 

For more information about Precautions visit: Shep Care Healthcare

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