Joy in Movement

Hey Everyone! I hope your feeling well today. There's something important that I want to share  with you. I've bounced back from an injury and I am feeling really good. Sometimes it takes a physical injury for you to know what it means to have joy in movement.

I've often wondered how athletes can bounce back from an injury so fast. I think it's probably because of excellent medical care, strong will, and knowing the feeling of joy in movement. The memory of joy in movement is a powerful motivator for getting yourself moving again. It's an indescribable can do feeling from on high! It's like having the wind at your back to carry you forward, with an energy field of assistance all around you. You may be walking down the street in your neighborhood, yet it feels like your walking on the Champs Elysees in Paris or the Ramblas in Barcelona, or the sands of Malibu on a beautiful day. Your trip is magnificent, imaginative and well deserved. Enjoy your health.


Champs Elysees  in Paris

Champs Elysees in Paris

Ramblas  in Barcelona

Ramblas in Barcelona

Sands of Malibu

Sands of Malibu