Activity #8

The Yes Space

A good approach to providing exceptional respect for your patient and yourself is to have a conversation about things that both of you can say yes to. To say yes, begin by accessing something in your patient's long-term memory that is positive and you can include it in an activity of the day. Your patient's past positive experiences may be a foundation for new and future positive experiences. Experiential learning activities that are designed to access your patient's long-term memory, and stimulate the senses, will help you create exceptional caregiving opportunities. If possible, include use of the five senses during the new activity.

For example: If you have a conversation with your recipient about favorite foods, you have the subject matter for great ideas that can bridge the past to the present. One good idea would be to make the food and share it. If you are unfamiliar with the type of food that your recipient is talking about, you can use Google to find valuable information about what the food is and where to find it near your location. Make sure to share your research findings from Google with the recipient. If conducting research on Google is not your preference, another option for you is to go to a grocery store for assistance. 

After you have prepared the meal, share it with your recipient. Make the meal a special event by referring to pleasant things that are happening in the moment. If the recipient associates the meal with something pleasant from the past, this is a very good sign. Take a photo or shoot a video to record the event. Show the visuals to the recipient and celebrate! You just built a bridge from the past to the present for both of you to enjoy. A great day trip! Congratulations!