Best Practices for Caregiving is a general framework of strategies designed to help you efficiently improve your practice. Efficiency saves time, energy, and keeps your practice moving forward. Save time and energy by following Best Practices for Caregiving. The suggested strategies increase your ability to:

·      Complete your duties

·      Uplift your mood

·      Spark fresh ideas

·      Inject new life into daily routines

·      Create better work relationships


Best Practices for Caregiving

1)   Prioritize Health and Safety

2)   Plan activities

3)   Evaluate activities

4)   Exercise your mind and body

5)   Make changes to your practice gradually

6)   Notify recipients of changes in advance of implementation


To improve your practice with regularity, plan out what you’re going to do. A Practice Plan is one of the best ways to document your plan to succeed. The plan’s questions focus on acquiring the knowledge and skills to improve your practice and increase your interest in caregiving. For your free My Practice Plan download, click here

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