About Us


Care Your Blues Away is a free consulting and education service for caregivers. We provide information and activities to assist caregivers in providing exceptional service for elderly people who wish to continue living at home in their familiar surroundings. This service is free to all consumers who are currently care providers or thinking about doing so.

We specialize in the development of a caregiving culture with the main goal of keeping your well-being in tact. Secondly, we specialize in showing you how to create activities with meaningful content for you and your patient to enjoy.  

Care Your Blues Away (CYBA) is a California non-profit corporation with an interdisciplinary team of directors. CYBA respectfully lifts up the lives of caregivers, as well as their patients. The collective believes that caregiving is a creative journey worthy of reflection that is supported through connection. Honoring the "affection" of the caregiving experience is at the heart of what we do at Care Your Blues Away (CYBA). 

Teri Shepherd and Tanner Massoth are the founders of Care Your Blues Away (CYBA). The Bay Area founders are a mother-son duo that have more than 17 years of experience providing education and caregiving services for ages seven to 95.

*Our Banner Photo was shot using an iPhone in Oakland, California, August 2019. The “Remember Them” monument was established in 2013. The photographer is Co-founder Teri Shepherd. All rights reserved.*

Tanner Massoth, Technology Director

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Tanner Massoth began working as a Family Care Provider for his elders in 2013, a year before he graduated from high school. In June of 2014, he graduated from Bishop O'Dowd High School (BODHS) in Oakland, California. The high school Tanner graduated from is known for its top-notch technology based pre-college curriculum. Tanner's experience in high school gave him the tools to create this website and become CYBA's Technology Director.

Tanner is currently a junior majoring in Health Education at Arizona State University (ASU). An exercise enthusiast and avid Golden State Warriors fan, Tanner is excited about the game of basketball. He includes movements from basketball in the exercise plans he creates for Physical Therapy patients. In his spare time, Tanner travels and develops websites for Bay Area music artists.

Teri Shepherd, President


Ms. Shepherd's education career began in 2005, when she created a Dance Education program for two schools in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD).

In 2008, while Teri was teaching dance and mathematics, she was called into caregiving service. Teri became a Family Care Provider for her mother. The eye-opening caregiving work brought about new meaning and direction to her teaching career, because Teri had to re-teach life and literacy skills to her mother everyday.

Though caring for her mother was a very difficult journey, Teri did not lose hope for better days. She continued studying towards a Master of Arts in Education degree and focused on better ways to solve caregiving problems. Teri graduated with a MA Ed degree Specialization in Best Practices from National University in 2014. From 2013-2014, Ms. Shepherd worked as a certified math teacher of Special Education and Special Needs students for Sylvan Learning, Inc., in Oakland, California. 

In addition, early in 2014 Ms. Shepherd was appointed the care provider for a second elder in her family. It was during the expansion of Teri’s caregiving responsibilities that the ideas for Care Your Blues Away (CYBA) first appeared.

The expansion of Ms. Shepherd’s responsibilities helped her find the courage to make the following statement at a meeting with a patient's care team.

Meeting a patient’s basic needs is insufficient care that does not produce optimal emotional health or happiness.
Teri Shepherd

Teri found that caregivers must try to support a patient’s best literacy skill, the ability to do a particular thing well that leads to feeling good about oneself. The need to recall and do a particular thing well is critical for elderly people. Doing something well in the latter stages of life helps you to feel good, increase your desire to live, and feel worthy of attention and respect.

An excellent educator, writer, and researcher, Ms. Shepherd provides exceptional educational services. This is her life's work. 

Sandy Villa, Vice President

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Sandy Villa, AIFD,  is an expert floral designer and humble caregiver with more than 25 years experience in each. She is an all-around wonderful person who spends much of her free time cheering up people who are in the hospital or residing in Assisted Living communities. Ms. Villa's greatest joy is utilizing her talents to have a positive effect on the community. 


Litithea Odom, Outreach Director


Litithea Odom is a Master Caregiver. Ms. Odom has 25 plus years of caregiving experience. She specializes in communications and development.  

Marlon Greene,  Creative Director


Mr. Greene is a Master Caregiver who includes caregiving as a key component in his ministry and creative life as a musician and comedian.