About Us


Care Your Blues Away is a free consulting and education service for Caregivers. We present information to assist Caregivers in providing exceptional service for elders in their homes. This service is free to all consumers, who are currently care provider's or thinking about doing so.

We specialize in the development of a caregiving culture with the main goal of keeping your well-being in tact. Secondly, we specialize in showing you how to create activities with meaningful content for you to share with your care recipients. The activities include an initial literacy assessment of your care recipients current and past abilities. 

Care Your Blues Away (CYBA) is an interdisciplinary team of workers who respectfully lift up the lives of Caregivers, as well as their care recipients. The collective believes that caregiving is a creative journey worthy of reflection. Honoring the wholeness of the caregiving experience is at the heart of what we do at Care Your Blues Away (CYBA). 

CYBA was created by Teri Shepherd and Tanner Massoth, a Mother-Son team who together have more than 25 years of experience providing family care for ages 0 to 94. Before CYBA was created, Ms. Shepherd graduated with a Master of Arts in Education degree from National University and worked for Sylvan Learning and the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD).

She worked as a certified Math teacher for Special Education and Special Needs students. Ms. Shepherd's education career began in 2005, when she created a dance education program for two schools in the OUSD. An excellent dancer, researcher, writer and educator, Ms. Shepherd's dedication to providing exceptional service is her life's work. 

Mr. Massoth began working as a family Care provider in 2013. He graduated from Bishop O'Dowd High school (BODHS) in Oakland, Ca in 2014. BODHS is known for its top notch technology based pre-college curriculum which gave Mr. Massoth the tools to create CYBA's website and work as our technology director. He is currently a junior and Kinesiology major at San Francisco State University (SFSU). Mr. Massoth is passionate about all things basketball. An avid Golden State Warriors fan and exercise enthusiast, he designs workouts for care recipients.

Sandy Villa, AIFD,  is an expert floral designer and Care Provider with more than 25 years experience in each. She is an all-around wonderful person who spends much of her free time helping people in need. Ms. Villa's greatest joy is utilizing her talents to have a positive effect on the community. 

Audrey Padilla is a visual artist, care provider and substitute teacher. She has worked as a translator for Spanish speaking families in west Oakland, CA. Ms. Padilla is a great conversationalist who also possesses a well-trained eye for beauty. 

Robert Mayberry is a Physical Therapy student at San Francisco State University. Mr. Mayberry understands the virtues of volunteering to help elderly people "move." He is an indispensable assistant and teacher.